Hand Made by Master Bladesmith from Recycled Truck Leafspring

As used by Rick Stien


  • C-Atkinson, award winning designer, artist, & blacksmith. Combines traditional metalworking techniques with modern design to produce knives which, according to Rick Stien, are a dream to use. "They are works of art"

    • Forged by hand from a single piece of recycled high carbon steel, including the handle. From leafsprings of an old truck
    • Triangular cross section, giving inherent strength, down to an edge thickness of approx. 0.4mm before being ground and finished.
    • Sharp as a razor, since they have a diamond and water stone ground edge. Quick as a dream, as they are balanced.
    • Pinch grip design.
    • Polished bee's wax finish for protection.
    • Ambidextrous, there is no bias.

    The blade length is measured from tip to heel.

    Dimensions (approx.):

    • Blade length 125-129mm
    • O/A length 260-280mm
    • Width 25mm
    • Depth 40mm
    • Weight 205g


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