Hand Made  from Recycled Repurposed Copper Pipes


  • This is handcrafted wax melt / oil scent diffuser is handmade from recycled copper pipes and fittings with a repurposed glass dish to hold the scented wax or oil. 

    A warm and comforting copper addition to enhance your own home or as a gift to someone special... 

    Simply add a scented wax melt or water and a few drops of essential to the glass dish, light a tealight candle under the dish and fill your room with gorgeous scents...

    Over time the natural oxidization of the copper will age the item to develop a more industrial and aged appearance. However, if you wish to maintain the bright copper style, a regular polishing (with a metal cleaning product) and /or a scrub with some wire wool will keep it shiny depending on the look you wish to achieve.

    Dimensions: Approx 15cm x 12cm x 14cm

    To fit nightlight candles of approx 3.5cm diameter.

    Please Note: Any scented diffuser or candle should not be left unattended or allowed to run dry...

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