Hand Made in Devon from Repurposed Beachcombed Plastic

Shades of Blue


  • These wonderful coloured kinetic hanging mobile sculptures are so mesmerising! They move and turn smoothly in a gentle breeze, however if the air is still these works of art will hang still too...

    Beautifully bright colourful striking additons to any home... Now all you need to decide is which room you will put it in...

    They are made by Becky a designer in Devon,  from Repurposed plastics picked up from her local beaches.  After thoroughly scrubbing out the bottles and cutting into interesting organic shapes hours and hours are spent shaping and tweeking their positions on the stainless steel wire to get the balances just right...

    Currently we have 3 designs available. 

    Each design is different. Dimensions are approximately 70 cm at its widest position x approximately 70 cm drop.

    Please Note: These are not a childs toy "mobile" they are delicate and must be kept out of reach of children...

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