Made from Seagrass.  

Dont worry plenty left for the turtles...


  • Set of 4 or 6 Seagrass and Jute Placemats

    A stylish and completely sustainable tablemat, natural Seagrass & naturally dyed grey Jute, showing off the weave and texture make a lovely stylish addition to your dinning table.

    Jute plants are easy to grow, have a high yield per acre and, unlike cotton, have little need for pesticides and fertilisers. The plants are ready to harvest in about 4 months. To extract the fibre, the jute bundles are submerged in water and left for a few days until the fibres come loose and are ready for stripping from the stalk, then washed and dried. 

    Seagrass grows very quickly in shallow saltwater along coastlines and rivers.  Once mature, the grass is cut by hand and dried in the sun, then hand twisted and woven.  Dried seagrass is very durable and moisture resistant...

    Set of 4 or 6

    28 cm dia. approx.

    Matching Coasters available soon...

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